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3 Iconic Fictional Homes and Their Actual Costs

Sometimes, TV shows and movie characters have the most lavish homes. From the Loft on New Girl to The Burrow from Harry Potter, fictional houses can spark envy and make you wish you saved more for your home

But would these characters realistically be able to afford their homes? Below we’re going to explore this question about five of the most iconic fictional homes, calculating their actual costs and the salaries of the characters who live there.

3 Iconic Fictional Homes and What They Actually Cost

1. New Girl: The Loft

In New Girl, Jess and her three friends share an apartment in the Arts District of Los Angeles. On paper, it doesn’t seem like it would cost that much, but when you see the interior of the building, you start to suspect it would be out of their price range.

The loft has giant corner windows, an open kitchen, four bedrooms and a giant bathroom with urinals included. Looking at how Jess is living on a teacher’s salary and Nick has troubles with financial irresponsibility, makes you wonder whether they’d be able to realistically afford the loft.

Since the apartment is approximately 2,600 square feet, we’d estimate that it’d go for approximately $1 million in 2014. Assuming Schmidt’s marketing job pays a lot of money, the four could likely afford the home with little financial risk.

2. Harry Potter: The Burrow

The Weasley family’s Burrow is a house that no child could forget. The five-story home seems to defy physics while featuring a barn, a large garden and a chicken coop. Magical features aside, Weasley’s home is based in Otterton, a town in Devon, England. 

Since the Burrow is about 1,500 square feet, it would likely cost around $300,000 in 1991 (the year where the first Harry Potter book is set). 

Since Mr. Weasley works as a department head for the Ministry of Magic, we’d think he has the money to afford this home. Though he might have to create a tight budget to accommodate the costs of raising a large family.

3. The Hobbit: Bag-End

Bilbo’s hillside Hobbit-hole features circular doors and curved ceilings with cottage-themed decorations. The home features a variety of rooms, windows and pantries that can accommodate a host of guests.

While Bilbo’s home looks expensive and is likely around 4,500 square feet. Since the Shire is based in Worcestershire and Oxfordshire, England, where Tolkien was raised as a child, we’d estimate that a home of this size would go for $80,000 as of 1937 (the year the book was written). 

While Bilbo doesn’t seem to have an official job (other than the occasional burglary), he inherited his home and a sizable amount of money. For this reason, he could definitely afford this cosy spot to live

Closing Thoughts

Sometimes seeing an elegant fictional home on Netflix can make you swell with envy. Just remember that the TV shows and movies you watch are just for entertainment. Try not to compare your living situation with characters who were written to receive a lucky inheritance or a high-paying dream job.

To learn more about other fictional homes and their nonfictional mortgage costs, check out the infographic below.


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