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How to Get Used to Living Alone for the First Time

So you’ve struck out on your own for the first time. Whether you’re moving out of college housing, your parent’s house, or a roommate arrangement, living alone for the first time is exciting! However, living by yourself can also induce some anxiety if you’ve never done it before. Here are some tips for acclimating to your newfound privacy.

Maintain Relationships

When you live by yourself, it’s easy to spend every day in your own company. Once the novelty wears off, loneliness can set in. Combat those feelings by reaching out to somebody in your life every day, whether they’re a close friend or a family member. Maintaining your social bonds can help you enjoy your solitude without feeling lonesome.

Enjoy Having More Control

You’ve just moved out of a place where you had limited control of your surroundings. Now is the time to take advantage of your newfound control! Living in a one-bedroom apartment has numerous advantages—you can wear what you want, create your own schedule, and maintain creative control when decorating the space.

Bring a smile to your face by doing things in your new home that you couldn’t do when living with others. Hang up the wall art your old roommate didn’t like. Listen to music your siblings couldn’t stand. Enjoy the fact that nobody’s bursting in to tell you “no.”

Structure Your Days

Create your own home calendar to keep the days from blending together. Add some interest to every week! Maybe you could host a Taco Tuesday event every week to keep your social life popping. Or set aside Saturdays as a chore day to encourage you to keep your space clean.

Prioritize Safety

One common concern among people living alone for the first time is the security and safety of their space. Put your mind at ease by installing secure locks on all your doors, and don’t buzz people into your building unless you’re expecting someone.


Why not take a self-defence class? Increasing your strength and learning basic defence techniques will make you feel safer on your own. Plus, you’ll get a regular workout in and meet new people at your class!

Living on your own for the first time is an exciting new step in life, but you will need to adjust to the experience at the beginning. Once you settle into your own space, let your new life start in earnest!


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