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6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Student Housing in 2022

Finding adequate living or housing arrangements is one of the essential choices you will face as you begin your college career. Finding the most suitable property for you may be a challenge, even more so when you’re looking from afar and all you have are a few web photographs and virtual tours of the house.

Whichever location you select will significantly influence your life as a student, so it’s important that you do your due diligence before settling down for the academic year.

1. Determine Who to Contact and How to Approach Them

Your university’s housing administration should be your initial port of inquiry to see if any rooms are available. Even if you’re heading to your first choice, there may be other reasons why you’re unable to get a spot in university housing, such as your parents residing within a certain radius.

Specific colleges have relationships with private housing companies, such as Purdue Housing, and can lead you on the correct path. If not, get assistance and guidance from their student housing department.

2. Begin Your Search Early

You must begin your search immediately because you will not be the only one seeking lodging. There may be a significant number of students searching for the same unit.

It is advised that you begin many months before your move-in date. This will also allow you time to look for houses in a variety of various places and at a variety of different costs. Determine the ultimate deal-breaker and the point at which you are ready to make a concession.

3. Conduct an Online Search

Numerous websites can assist you in determining an appropriate beginning place for your quest. These websites provide a variety of housing alternatives explicitly tailored for students. Always seek out websites that properly vet listings to guarantee you avoid falling victim to fraud.

Consider Facebook as well. There’s a good chance that your institution has a Facebook housing group. There, you may connect with other students seeking housing and genuine landlords in the location you choose to relocate to.

4. Decide On a Price that Fits Your Budget

Student housing is the single most significant expenditure associated with schooling. Whether you prefer to save money on rent by living farther away from the city centre or invest a little more in a private, ensuite room, choosing the proper choice is critical.

While university dormitory-style accommodations are often the cheapest, the savings in rent may be offset by a lack of privacy. Choosing catered lodging is often a fantastic way to save money since meals are supplied, which means you’ll (hopefully) dine out less.

Sharing a room with other students is extremely common everywhere, so don’t worry if this is the only way to locate a suitable room within your price range.

6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Student Housing in 2022 - Newslibre
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5. Consider Your Living Preferences

If you’re not staying in university housing, you’ll probably want to be near campus unless you don’t mind a walk or a bus journey. Additionally, consider the sort of living scenario in which you would be comfortable — would you be ok sharing a toilet, for example, and with how many people?

If you’re not interested in sharing a room or a kitchen with numerous other people, private halls may provide studios or shared flats where you may live alone or with 1-2 other people.

6. Your First Priority Should Be Safety

Some renters are seeking a better deal. However, would you rather live in a community where you are constantly reminded that you need an escort to stroll about at night?

Maintaining safety necessitates a modest rent increase. It is always worth it. Secure student housing should be a priority. Additionally, your apartment should include fire alarms and basic burglar alarms.

If you consider residing in a residential building, ensure that the entrance is secure. Verify the kind of key they use to get access to the device. Is it a conventional lock or a key fob system? If you do not feel comfortable in that location, it is not the ideal student housing option.

Final Thought

As frustrating as this may seem, you will ultimately locate a place to live. All it takes is some effort and organization if you contemplate off-campus housing.


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6 Tips to Help You Find the Best Student Housing in 2022 1

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