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When Buying a Dry Pack Look Out for These 3 Things

Once you fill a bag with all your pertinent documents and devices, nothing can spoil your day quite as fast as finding out these essentials experienced water damage. Many people are turning to dry packs to avoid these issues, especially while using electric bicycles as modes of everyday transportation.

Here are a few things to look for before you buy a dry pack that can help secure your belongings.

The Bag’s Shape

You can invest in any shape of bag you need as it pertains to your needs, but a few common shapes include backpack style and duffle bag. A duffle bag would carry as much as a carry-on bag and help you for extended stays when compared to a backpack style, which is more compact and will carry less.

A backpack style is the most suitable option if you only need to carry your everyday items like a wallet, a mobile device, and a few trinkets. Factor in your lifestyle needs to ensure the bag can accommodate you appropriately.

How Much Volume the Bag Possesses

For many, their electronic devices are the most vulnerable items they carry. So, if you only need to protect a phone or a music player, consider investing in a bag with a phone-specific pocket to ensure the device is secure inside the dry pack.

Additionally, factor in any other items you will carry inside the bag and how much weight or volume these things will take up. It would not suit you to invest in a duffle bag, commute to work on your electric bike, and only take your cell phone and a house key.

Is the Bag Versatile?

A dry pack is one of the best accessories for electric bike users because of how functional it is, but you should always factor in the bag’s versatility. A backpack is the most versatile option for somebody who commutes via bicycle because it stays out of their way while handling the bike.

There are other versatility features to consider, like D-rings, attachment points, strap configurations, and interior pockets. These things will all contribute to how versatile the dry pack is, so you are free to carry it wherever you need it.

Investing in additional accessories to make life easier comes with its own unique set of challenges. Before buying a dry pack for your lifestyle demands, consider some of these tips to ensure the purchase is right for you.


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