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Smart Tips for Adding More Colour to Your Wardrobe

Did you know that the colours we wear can affect our mood, confidence, and how others perceive us? If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your neutral apparel, consider these tips for adding more colour to your wardrobe. This quick guide will help you step outside of your monochrome comfort zone and embrace the technicolour world around you.

Start With Colourful Accessories

If you’re hesitant to dive into a full spectrum of hues, start by incorporating bright accessories into your daily outfits. A vibrant handbag, a bold pair of shoes, or even a vivid scarf can transform a neutral outfit into a captivating ensemble. Beaded or embellished headbands are also excellent choices for those looking to experiment with hairstyles and headwear. These little touches allow you to experiment with adding colour to your outfits without fully committing to a new look. This helps ease you into collecting and wearing a more vibrant wardrobe.

Pair Colours and Neutrals

Once you’re comfortable incorporating colourful accessories, take it a step further and blend bright garments with your neutral staples. Pair a bright-coloured blouse with a beige blazer, or try a pair of colourful trousers with a crisp white button-down. Experiment with different combinations and observe how different colours complement and enhance the neutrals you already own. This can help breathe new life into your existing pieces.

Explore Different Colour Palettes

Some beginner fashionistas can feel overwhelmed working with colourful clothing because they don’t know what pairs well together. As you become more adventurous with your choices, take the opportunity to research different colour palettes and concepts like colour blocking, monochromatic looks, and complementary colours.

This exploration will provide you with the knowledge and creativity to confidently mix and match shades, ensuring your outfits remain fresh and fashionable. Additionally, familiarize yourself with the colours that flatter your skin tone and personal style—this will help guide your choices when shopping and dressing.

Add Colours Through Patterns

Patterns are a fantastic option for those still seeking subtler ways to incorporate colour. A colourful floral dress or a multicoloured striped tie can serve as a visually appealing introduction to a more vibrant closet. Floral patterns especially offer a wide range of colours that you can pull from to coordinate your accessories and other outfit elements. Patterns also offer the chance to highlight colours that may feel too bold when worn as a solid piece, so don’t shy away from experimenting with eye-catching patterns in your wardrobe.

As you embark on your journey to a more colourful closet, remember that you can choose which hues to embrace and which to leave behind. With these tips for adding more colour to your wardrobe, you can explore the boundless fashion possibilities that await you.


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