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5 High-Paying and Flexible Careers You Can Choose To Do Today

As the workforce looks toward a post-pandemic future, many professionals are realizing how valuable flex work can be when it comes to balancing our personal and professional lives. If you’re interested in working remotely forever, being in charge of your hours, or just want more free time, a career pivot may be in store for you.

To help you attain your ideal work-life, check out these five flexible jobs that pay well.

1. Data Scientist

Average hourly rate: $49.97

Data Science professionals are currently in high demand. Their job requires them to analyze big data for major companies and organizations, and most of this work can be done remotely.

All you need to be a successful remote data scientist is the right education and a computer with access to statistical programs to do things like running statistical analyses or modelling. Whether you work hourly or for a salary, you’ll be earning big bucks through this flexible career.

2. Software Consultant

Average hourly rate: $45.06

Many companies hire software consultants to help them stay on top of current technology trends. Thanks to the digital nature of software engineering and development, this profession has the luxury of never really needing to be in the office. Their knowledge and expertise are also in high demand, resulting in great job security and generous earnings full time or part-time.

3. Genetic Counsellor

Average hourly rate: $43.13

Positions as a genetic counsellor are often flexible and offer full time, part-time, or freelance work hours. Choose whatever works best for your schedule and help others learn more about how their genetics can affect their health. You’ll gain professional fulfilment from helping people and also benefit from a lucrative income.

4. Graphic Designer

Average hourly rate: $25.66

Have a passion for creating things but also prefer to create your own schedule? Graphic design may be the perfect flexible career for you. The nature of graphic design work requires most job responsibilities to be completed using graphics software, allowing you to conceptualize products or create marketing illustrations wherever you are. Try finding a remote role with a company or achieving optimal work flexibility as a successful freelancer.

5. Photographer

Average hourly rate: $19.85

As a photographer, you can create your own work schedule and tailor your business hours to fit your lifestyle. Whether you shoot photos for events, fashion, sports, special occasions, travel, or a variety of things, you can craft the ultimate flexible career while still earning good money in this profession.

The only thing that might constrain your schedule is that you’ll need to work during daylight hours if your photography requires natural light.

When it comes to finding a flexible job, you’ll have the best luck in creative and technology-driven industries that don’t require you to be in an office or on a job site. Check out additional flexible careers and how they can benefit your life and wallet, by scrolling through the infographic from Mint below.

Flexible careers you can pursue today to benefit your life



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5 High-Paying and Flexible Careers You Can Choose To Do Today 1

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