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5 Impressive Types of Upgrades to Consider for Your Roof

Roofs are essential parts of homes because they protect from the elements. They also add value to your home. There are various ways to improve the look and functionality of your roof. These include adding new materials, installing solar panels, or even replacing the entire structure.

Here we will discuss some of the different types of upgrades that can be done for your roof. Discussed below are five of the most cost practical roof upgrade ideas.

1. Installing Roof Ventilation

If your roof has been installed correctly, there shouldn’t be any gaps between the roof boards. This would be considered poor installation due to the possibility of leaks occurring. These leaks will cause damage over time and lead to mould growth within your attic.

To prevent this, you can install vents to allow fresh air into your attic. The best vent systems use fans to pull warm air out of your attic while allowing cooler air through larger slots.

2. Installing Solar Panels

Rooftop solar panels will dramatically reduce the energy costs if you have the space. Not only do they generate electricity during daylight hours, but they also help offset any additional power needs when the sun goes down.

By harnessing clean, renewable energy, solar panels can increase the resale value of your house while saving money every month.

3. Replacing Existing Structure

A crucial factor in determining how long your roof lasts depends on the quality of the original construction. If your existing structure has substantial problems, such as leaks or damage from wind or ice storms, you may want to replace it with a stronger one.

While this may seem like an expensive option, it can often save you money over time due to lower maintenance costs. Listed below are some alternatives to consider when replacing the existing roofing:

Tile Roofing

Tile roofing is durable, easy to install, and highly affordable. Tile roofing is an environmentally friendly option because it can be made with recycled materials. Tile roofs require little maintenance beyond cleaning, which can be done using a broom or garden hose.

The most significant disadvantage of tile roofs is that they aren’t beautiful. However, this isn’t the best choice if you prefer a more rustic look. But even if you want something sleek and modern, tile roofs still offer excellent value.

Metal Roofing

Metal roofing is durable and long-lasting. However, because it requires high maintenance levels, it’s not the most cost-effective choice. Some homeowners find that metal roofs need replacing every few years due to their susceptibility to damage caused by hail storms or other weather conditions. If you’re willing to invest in regular maintenance, though, metal roofs can last up to 30 years.

Asphalt Shingle Roofing

5 Impressive Types of Upgrades to Consider for Your Roof - Newslibre
Source: SUNVEK

Asphalt shingle roofs are among the most common choices available today. They come in many shapes and sizes, so they work well on just about any home.

Asphalt shingles are generally easier to install than tile roofs, making them ideal for first-time DIYers. Because they don’t require as much constant maintenance as metal roofs, they also tend to cost less over the life of the house.

4. Installing a Gutter System

Gutters catch the water that falls off your roof and carries it away. When gutters aren’t working correctly, rainwater runs across the surface of your roof instead of being carried away. Over time, this can cause severe issues, including mould growth and leaks.

A poorly designed gutter system can also lead to debris buildup, which causes additional damage to your roof. To avoid these problems, it’s best to install a well-designed gutter system. Types of gutter systems that look great as an upgrade are cedar gutters, vinyl gutters, copper gutters, and slate gutters.

5. Add a Chimney cap

Chimneys provide a useful function, but they also pose many potential hazards. Chimneys should always be inspected before installation and regularly monitored after installation. They should never be used as storage areas for items that could fall out and injure someone.

Also, chimneys should never be built without a permit. In addition to safety concerns, chimneys can also create fire hazards. They should be insulated where possible, and those who live near wooded areas should use a different chimney material.

Final Thoughts

Roof repair, replacement, or upgrade is a big decision, but it doesn’t have to be stressful! By taking the time to plan now, you’ll be able to make sure that everything goes smoothly once the project begins. You will get the best results by choosing a contractor who knows what they’re doing and will take care of the job right.


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