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5 Reasons Why Motorized Window Treatments Are The Best Option Right Now

People who are decorating their homes have multiple options when it comes to window treatments. Whether you prefer blinds, shades, or drapes, you want to pick something that works for the style and aesthetic of your home. The next time you pick out new window treatments, or if you’re going to upgrade what you already have, consider these five reasons to use motorized window treatments. You may find that they’re the best option for your home.


When you’re enjoying a lazy afternoon on the couch, catching up on your favourite TV shows, one of the most frustrating things is having to get up to close the blinds because the sun starts shining through them. Whether the light gets in your eyes or creates a glare on the screen, you don’t want to break your comfort to close the blinds. You can operate motorized blinds with a remote or phone app and block out the sun without getting up.

Additional Privacy

There may be situations where you don’t want someone to see inside your home but aren’t able to close the blinds manually. Whether someone comes to the front door or you run into a neighbour outside that you don’t want to interact with, being able to close the blinds and block out prying eyes with the touch of a button is a significant advantage of motorized window treatments.

Use On Any Window

At first glance, motorized treatments may seem inaccessible, but they work for any home. If your home is undergoing a remodel and you’re trying to decide between buying aluminum or vinyl windows, you can rest easy knowing that motorized treatments are viable for both options. Homeowners can generally apply motorized blinds or shades to any window frame.

Increased Security

One of the reasons to use motorized window treatments is that they can help create a sense of security when you’re not at home. Many homeowners use timers to turn lights on or off and give the impression that someone is home. However, using similar devices to open and close blinds does a better job of sending the message that people are in your home, keeping it more secure from burglars.

Energy Efficient

When hot or cold temperatures hit your window, your AC or heat may need to go into overdrive to combat the change in temperature. However, many motorized window treatment options include sensors to close automatically when the sun starts to come in. This option is great when you’re out during the day, and it may help you save money on your energy bill.


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5 Reasons Why Motorized Window Treatments Are The Best Option Right Now 1

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