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An Easy Homeowner’s Guide to Improving Your Indoor Air Quality

The indoor air quality in your home must be stable and clean; otherwise, your health will be negatively impacted. While you may not notice that the air is bad, your lungs definitely will, and your health will be poorer for it. Dust, lint, and dander can make your home unbearable and throw in mould, and you have a health crisis on your hands.

If you or a member of your family suffers from allergies, air contamination will worsen the situation, so you should always ensure the internal air is clean and stable. You can take some actions if you notice a drop in air quality, which is discussed below.

Use Air Filters

One way to guarantee premium air quality in your home is to use filters. Filters appear in different shapes and sizes and are priced differently. This instrument can filter the quality of your heating and cooling devices and external air from the windows. Air filters trap particles, dust, and other substances that linger in the air and may be sucked into your nostrils when you inhale. To maintain optimal performance, endeavour to clean your filters regularly.

Air Cleaners

You can use air cleaners if you want something different to control internal air quality. There are simple and advanced cleaners with different specifications and capacities. The more sophisticated versions are better at sucking in pollutants from the air, recycling them, and releasing the same back into the room.

If your home is susceptible to air pollution, you should make it mandatory not to live a day in that space without an air cleaner. Once you notice a change in the air or a constant allergic reaction, you should activate your air cleaners immediately.

Clean Air Ducts

You should make it a regular chore to clean your air ducts periodically. Nothing ruins the internal air quality in your home more than clogged ducts. Suppose your duct is clogged by dust, debris, or animal droppings. In that case, the air that passes through will be automatically contaminated, which can lead to different types of respiratory ailments and allergies.

Control Humidity

Control your home’s humidity, especially during summer when temperature is known to rise above comfort levels. As the sun rises, so will the temperature outside, especially inside your home, which can increase the likelihood of mould. Once you start seeing mould in your house, you should do all you can to eliminate the root cause; otherwise, it will spread fast. The way to do this is to reduce internal heat in your home with dehumidifiers.


Never underestimate the value of premium ventilation in a home, especially in the kitchen or any other room where heat is produced due to one activity or the other. Please ensure the windows are wide enough and open during your cooking sessions so air can flow through. Additionally, seeking the help of any duct cleaning in Ottawa services can further enhance the overall air quality in your home, ensuring a healthy and comfortable living environment.

Regular House Cleaning

If you have not cleaned your house regularly, now is the time to start. If you don’t conduct routine sanitation, the house will become a dirt hole, and the health of everyone will be worse for wear. Even if the house is properly ventilated, ducts and vents are clean, and cooling devices work well, durst will still invade your space. So, draw up a cleaning schedule and stick to it: vacuum furniture, curtains, and appliances. This will ensure your home stays clean and improve indoor air quality.

Work With Plants

You can use plants to improve indoor air quality because they are natural decontaminants. Plant species like lilies are great for air improvement because they suck particles from the air so they don’t settle elsewhere. Place plants near windows to access sunlight and keep them alive.


Keeping your home clean and ventilated will regulate and sustain indoor air quality. The air improvement techniques discussed in this article are practical steps that will not cost so much. You should combine different measures to achieve the result of a cleaner and airy home.

Plants also help, as do air purifiers and dehumidifiers during the warm season. If you run a tight shift and lack the time to do regular sanitation, you can hire a cleaning service company for the job.


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