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Temperature Control: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient

Extreme temperatures call for extreme precautions. If you want to maintain a comfortable room temperature no matter the season, multiple systems must be working properly. Here are some items to check in your home to make sure you’re getting the most energy efficiency.

1. Windows

The window is a culprit in bringing in unwanted heat during the hotter months and unwanted winter air during the colder months. Energy-efficient windows are one way to reduce outdoor heat and air seeping into your home.

You can help this issue by adding insulation in window gaps and buying curtains or blinds. Blackout or room-darkening blinds and curtains are barriers to block extra heat from coming in. This can help keep the room cooler in summer.

2. HVACs

Upgrade your HVAC unit and air duct vents to an energy-efficient version. Energy Star HVACs use less electricity to generate the same amount of air as a standard unit. Should you need to upgrade or fix the one you own, an air conditioning repair expert in your area can assist you. You should also call the expert for yearly HVAC checkups and filter replacements.

3. Thermostat

Trade your old thermostat for an energy-saving model. A smart thermostat gives you more control over room temperature from anywhere using an app on your smartphone. This is a great way to save energy when you’re away.

4. Lighting

Standard bulbs give off the heat with each use, which compounds more heat to an already hot summer. Switch to energy-saving bulbs like incandescents, LEDs, and compact fluorescents. These bulbs use less electricity and generate less heat yet illuminate at the same brightness as standard bulbs. The bulbs also last longer than standard bulbs.

You can also save on energy by turning off lights in rooms that can be lit by windows. This is a simple and easy-to-remember way to maintain energy efficiency in your home. This can also be a great way to warm up on a cool day. Sunlight can do wonders!

When the room temperature is under control, the HVACs and thermostats can take a break or reduce use after reaching the desired temperature. Window and lighting changes eliminate extra heat indoors for thermostats and HVACs to cool. Make sure to follow some of these tips to keep your home energy efficient during the summer and winter months. Your wallet will thank you!


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Temperature Control: 4 Easy Ways to Keep Your Home Energy Efficient 1

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