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5 Sure Signs of Mice in Your Home and How to Deal with Them

Have you ever heard creepy noises at night and thought, “Oh no, am I not alone?” Mice are common household pests that can create havoc by causing significant damage to your property or transmitting harmful diseases. Identifying the signs of mice infestation can be challenging, especially if you’re not familiar with their behaviour. This post will discuss the top 5 signs of mice in your home and offer tips on how to get rid of them.


One of the most obvious signs of a mouse infestation is their droppings. These small, dark, and cylindrical-shaped pellets are commonly found near food storage areas, dark corners, or in your attic. If you come across these droppings, you should take immediate action to clean them up and disinfect the area.

Gnaw Marks

Mice have a compulsive habit of gnawing on anything and everything to wear down their teeth. You may notice gnaw marks on food packaging, electrical wires, or even wooden furniture. If you see any signs of chewed wires, it could lead to the risk of electrical fires in your home. Thus, it’s vital to seal any openings or entry points where mice could enter, and call seasonal pest control at the first sign of chewed wires.

Unpleasant Odour

Mice can emit a foul smell that may be characterized as musky, musty, or ammonia-like. You may detect the odour even before seeing the signs of mice in your home. If you ignore this stench, the problem may worsen, and you may have to deal with a much larger infestation. If you identify this odour, try to pinpoint the source and take immediate steps to eliminate the infestation.

Nesting Material

Mice create nests out of shredded paper, bits of fabric, or insulation materials found in your home. If you come across any shredded material, it might indicate an active mouse infestation. Check your attic, basement, or storage areas for any signs of nesting material.

Scratching or Scurrying Sounds

Mice are nocturnal creatures who tend to be active at night. If you hear any scurrying, scratching, or squeaking sounds at night, you could have a mouse infestation. You may also notice their movement by tracking dirt and greasy marks along baseboards or in corners.

Mice infestation can be challenging to deal with, but catching the signs early can make a significant difference in your fight against these pests. By keeping your home clean, storing food properly, and sealing entry points well, you can help prevent pest infestations.

However, if you suspect you have a mouse infestation, we recommend seeking professional help. Remember that even the tiniest cracks in your walls or foundation can enable mice to sneak into your home, so always stay vigilant and keep an eye out for any signs of an infestation.


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