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Here’s What You Didn’t Know About The Tailor’s Bunion

A bunion is a condition in which the toe joint (the big toe joint is more prone to this) is shifted and forms a bump. This bump usually causes certain unpleasant sensations such as pain, swelling, and redness that may result in the foot widening. That’s why you may face difficulty with wearing shoes. Moreover, a foot with a bunion may be not very aesthetically pleasing.

Despite the fact that bunions tend to appear on the big toe joint, they can develop on the pinkie toe as well. This condition is called a tailor’s bunion or bunionette.

A tailor’s bunion is called like that because tailors often sat cross-legged when they worked and this position puts extra pressure on the outer side of the foot. This constant pressure resulted in the appearance of a bunion on the pinkie toe.

The most common symptoms of a tailor’s bunion

A tailor’s bunion usually progresses slowly and doesn’t cause any symptoms at the beginning. It starts with a prominence that occurs on the metatarsal bone near the pinkie toe. It means that misalignment appears in a place where the fifth metatarsal bone forms a joint with the pinkie toe bone.

Here's What You Didn't Know About The Tailor's Bunion - Newslibre

If a patient with a tailor’s bunion doesn’t get the proper treatment, they tend to constantly grow and this may lead to painful sensations. Moreover, it can make it difficult to choose shoes that will fit.

Tight or ill-fitting shoes cause constant rubbing in the bunion’s area and this may lead to irritation and redness. If the pressure and rubbing are very intense, you can develop calluses over the bunion.

Painful sensations and swelling are also common for those with bunions. People with bunions report that their feet get wider as the bunion grows. It happens because of the gradual separation of the fifth metatarsal bone from the fourth metatarsal bone. This is considered the main cause of a tailor’s bunion.

Common causes of a tailor’s bunion

Our feet are very complex structures that have a lot of bones, joints, and ligaments. A tailor’s bunion is usually caused by abnormal function of the foot. If excessive movement occurs in one part of the foot where stability is required, certain changes may appear.

The separation that occurs between the fourth and fifth metatarsal bones usually leads to the appearance of a tailor’s bunion.

But there are a few more causes of a tailor’s bunion, such as:

  • abnormal shape or position of the fifth metatarsal bone
  • tight-fitting shoes
  • heredity

Women are more likely to develop tailor’s bunions than men. This is because women are fond of uncomfortable shoes with high heels and pointed toes. These types of shoes have a negative effect on the foot structure.

Common treatment options for a tailor’s bunion

There are two common types of tailor’s bunion treatment, non-surgical and surgical. Non-surgical treatment options usually include methods that help normalize foot functions and relieve painful sensations. Your doctor may recommend you perform an imaging test (like an X-ray) in order to check the position of the fifth metatarsal bone.

If you were diagnosed with both bursitis and tailor’s bunion, cortisone injections can be prescribed to manage painful sensations. Doctors also recommend considering orthotics that may improve your abnormal foot function. If you feel rubbing in the shoes, you can use padding devices as well.

With the help of bunion surgery NYC it is possible to align the fifth metatarsal bone or shave the tailor’s bunion. Despite the fact that you may need some time to recover after the procedure, surgery is considered the most effective treatment method for tailor’s bunions.


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