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How Lumineers Will Give Your Teeth That Hollywood Smile

Dreaming about a Hollywood smile? You can try technology that has been proven in practice over the past 20 years. Lumineers (or “Hollywood veneers”) will not only make your teeth even but also whiten them.

Veneers are thin plates made of porcelain or composite that replace the top layer of the tooth. They are attached to the front side of the tooth with the help of a special material (bond).

Lumineers are like veneers, but more advanced, safe, and effective. Their main difference from classical veneers is that the lumineers are thinner and attached to the tooth enamel without any grinding.

Why do you need lumineers for teeth?

The main task of lumineers is that they allow you to change and improve the appearance of your teeth – color, shape, or wrong position.

It is worth using lumineers in the following cases:

  • the presence of various defects on the teeth (for example, erosion of tooth enamel or chipping);
    gaps between teeth;
  • discoloration or the appearance of dark stripes (under the influence of food, smoking, and coffee);
    abrasion of tooth enamel;
  • incorrect or uneven tooth shape (with the help of lumineers, they can be lengthened, made wider/narrower, etc.);
  • abnormal bite (exceptions – difficult cases when surgical intervention is required);
  • incorrect tooth position.

Advantages of lumineers:

What Makes Lumineers The Best Option For Your Teeth - Newslibre
Veneers (left) vs Lumineers (right). (Image credit: Shutter Stock) – Newslibre

Security. Lumineers are only 0.2 mm thick, while ordinary veneers are almost twice that thickness. Because of this, when using regular dental veneers, the tooth has to be ground, removing the outer layer. And only after that, the applied plate looks natural. With Lumineers this requirement disappears.

In addition, if you suddenly want to remove them, you can do it without harming your health. With ordinary veneers, this is not possible, because part of the tooth enamel cannot be restored.

Strength. Despite their thickness, Lumineers are very durable and can last up to 20 years (and in some cases more). This is possible because of the peculiarities of the material and the uniqueness of the manufacturing technology. They are made of heavy-duty porcelain, which, moreover, is reinforced with the help of crystals.

Tooth enamel protection. They ideally fit the teeth, protecting the tooth enamel from damage. The risk that small cracks through which microbes can easily penetrate is minimized.

Another plus is that they are attached with the help of a bond with a high fluoride content, which makes the teeth even stronger.

Naturalness. They can be selected in such a way that it will be impossible to distinguish them from healthy natural teeth. In addition to the 15 primary colors (shades of tooth enamel), you can also use special paints.

Porcelain reproduces the color and transparency of tooth enamel with almost one hundred percent accuracy. While its color does not change under the influence of food, nicotine, and other coloring matter.

Painlessness. Installing them does not cause any pain, because there is no need to grind the tooth. At the same time, they can be applied to any teeth – including crowns, dentures, etc.

Are there any drawbacks to dental lumineers

On the Internet, among user reviews, we can observe some negative statements about Lumineers. In particular that it is inconvenient to eat food with them, they quickly fall off or darken, and the tooth enamel suffers from them. Let’s see if they really have such disadvantages.

Firstly, it is worth understanding that there is a significant difference between composite veneers and lumineers. Many confuse these two concepts.

Teeth can really suffer from veneers since to install them you have to grind the tooth. As we have said, Lumineers do not spoil your teeth and do not darken over time, due to the amazing properties of the material.

Secondly, their effectiveness has been confirmed by more than 20 years of practice. Problems can arise if you come across a fake.

And thirdly, the professionalism of the doctor plays an important role in their installation. If they“re inconvenient to wear or it seems that “something is stuck to the teeth,” it means that they were installed incorrectly. The same, incidentally, may apply to ordinary veneers.

Thus, it can be argued that dental lumineers have no drawbacks, except the price. But when you consider the proper approach and the use of quality materials, it justifies itself (the effect of lumineers lasts for 20 years).


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