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Types of Therapy That Aid in Children’s Development

When a child experiences emotional or behavioural issues that interfere with their daily life, they may benefit from therapeutic intervention. Therapy isn’t just talking about your feelings—there are many types of therapy and therapeutic techniques that can get your child back on track.

Read on for a few therapies that can aid your child’s development.

Behavioural Therapy

Therapists who specialize in children’s behaviour believe that all types of behaviour, good and bad, are learned. And if they’re learned, they can be modified. A behavioural therapist uses reinforcement techniques to encourage prosocial behaviours and attitudes. They reward positive new behaviours while discouraging unproductive and antisocial ones.

Emotionally Focused Therapy

Does your child have difficulty in their relationship with one or both parents? A therapist with an emotional focus emphasizes the parent-child relationship and works with both parties to encourage a stronger attachment. Emotionally focused therapy can reduce stress on the entire family by working to strengthen those bonds.

Trauma Therapy

Unpleasant or traumatic experiences can leave lasting marks on a child’s psyche. If your young one has been traumatized in some way, a trauma therapist can help them work through their feelings. Many trauma specialists use CBT, or cognitive behavioural therapy, techniques to help the child reframe their negative thoughts into more productive ones.

Occupational Therapy

Are you concerned that your child is not reaching age-appropriate developmental milestones? An occupational therapist can help them get up to speed by helping them with fine motor skills, sensory regulation, and emotional intelligence. Kids who utilize occupational therapy work on improving many basic life skills that will help them better connect with their peers.

Play Therapy

Playing is the natural first language of children. Through the games, they play and the stories they enact, children can communicate what’s going on in their inner world. A play therapist enters the game with them and interprets their actions with a keen eye. When the therapist speaks the child’s language, they can evaluate what’s going on at a deeper level, whether it’s a developmental concern or an unresolved trauma.

If your child is in need of some type of therapy, don’t take it as a slight to your parenting. All kids are different, and some just require an extra boost to develop into thoughtful, emotionally intelligent young adults. There are several types of therapy that aid in kids’ development and one of them could be just what your young one needs in order to grow.


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