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Skinimalism: How to Create a Skincare Routine for Your Wrinkles in 9 Steps

From the Korean 10-step skincare routine to double cleansing, many skincare trends have popped up in the present. One of today’s skincare trends is having a minimalist routine instead of spending a lot of time completing multiple steps.

These days, less is more through skinimalism. This trend promotes taking care of your skin with fewer products while still embracing your natural beauty.

Skinimalism rose to popularity during the pandemic as people pamper themselves less due to quarantine. It is new and liberating, but this trend is here to stay even when people go out of their homes.

Know that skinimalism does not mean choosing to care less about your skin as you opt for a more natural look. Skinimalism embraces minimal and fewer skincare efforts to either improve skin or prevent skin problems. If you’re wondering how to tackle wrinkles and whether practicing a minimalist routine would help with that, you’re in the right place.

You can’t reverse the onset of wrinkles, but you can create ways to slow down its appearance. Here are some tips to prevent them.

9 Skincare Tips to Help You Manage Your Wrinkles

1. Cleanser

Start with your cleanser. It not only removes all deep-seated dirt but also serves as an exfoliant, redness-reducer, and hydrator. In addition, it also helps firm out your skin. Look for oil-free and anti-aging cleansers that offer gentle exfoliation and reduce the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

2. Toner

Toner is the next step, especially for those who have oily and acne-prone skin. It is good in removing makeup and oil and also aids in minimizing the appearance of pores for smoother skin.

3. Sunscreen

Too much exposure to UV radiation from the sun is the most common cause of having premature wrinkling and skin damage. If you limit your sun exposure, you can reduce the appearance of wrinkles. Moreover, the sun can even cause brown spots and irregular pigmentation on your skin, making you look even older.

To protect your skin from the development of wrinkles, you must avoid the sun without protection, especially in the middle of the day. Rain or shine, use sunscreen with an SPF of at least 15, even if it’s cloudy outside. More than protection from the damaging UV rays, sunscreen also helps your skin repair itself to avoid damage.

4. Serum

Serums are lighter than moisturizers, which your skin can easily absorb. It is even better for people with acne-prone skin. It also has retinol which is known to reduce the appearance of wrinkles. You can use your go-to serum day and night.

5. Moisturize your skin

Applying moisturizer is like having your skin drink water to stay hydrated, and therefore look healthier. It is especially beneficial for ageing skin as it is most prone to wrinkles. Moisturizers don’t prevent the premature wrinkling of the skin, but they hydrate and make your skin look plump, making fine lines less visible.

Skinimalism: How to Create a Skincare Routine for Your Wrinkles in 9 Steps - Newslibre
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6. Eye cream

Your eye area reflects the first signs of ageing. To avoid wrinkles, dark circles, and puffiness, apply eye creams to help you look younger and less stressed. You can also look for the best eye serum sheet masks for brighter-looking eyes.

7. Stay hydrated

Moisturizers are not enough hydration for your skin. To achieve the most natural way of achieving that healthy glowing skin, staying hydrated is the most effective way. Do not just drink one cup and call it a day; you must drink eight glasses of water and make it consistent!

Drinking enough water daily also prevents pimples as it flushes toxins from your body. Water indeed does wonders to your skin to help you stay youthful and healthy.

8. Go for vitamin-rich foods

A healthy diet does not only reduces the risks of diseases but also affects your skin health. In a 2018 Dutch research, it was reported that having a healthy diet filled with vitamin-rich foods is associated with less wrinkling in women while having an unhealthy diet with high amounts of junk foods and red meat cause more facial wrinkling.

Moreover, incorporating vitamins in your everyday diet can protect your skin from photoaging, produce more collagen, and stimulate DNA repair (Mekic et al., 2018).

9. Get tons of sleep

“Sleep is for the weak” is an outdated saying that only glamorizes the idea of overworking at the expense of your health. Rest is a must if you want to maintain your young and glowing skin, perfect for a “skinimalistic” look.

Poor sleep causes more damage to your skin than you can imagine. Aside from making your skin age faster, it also prevents your skin from recovering from external stressors, affecting your skin quality. If you want to take care of your skin, allow yourself to catch up on sleep, even during the weekends. You deserve it; your skin deserves it!

You are never too young to begin your anti-ageing regimen. To help you start or improve your skincare, here are some of the essential steps to add to your routine.

Final Thoughts

Skinimalism focuses on taking care of your skin, so you won’t resort to layers of makeup just to patch your face up. Following a simple skincare routine is a great step towards having younger-looking skin free from wrinkles.

In addition, lifestyle factors such as avoiding too much sun exposure, drinking lots of water, adding vitamin-rich food to your diet, and having enough sleep all play a role in keeping your skin vibrant and healthy.


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