Dubai Suspends the Exportation of Medical Items Like Masks - Newslibre

Dubai Suspends the Exportation of Medical Items Like Masks

With Coronavirus going global rapidly, countries are taking measures to ensure that their citizens are well protected in the event it reaches their countries with Dubai becoming one of the countries to put a regulation that bans exportation of medical items.

Some of the medical items that Dubai has banned from being banned include masks, gloves, coveralls, and sanitizers as the Coronavirus spread is being reported in many countries.

In Asia, reports are already high that such medical items are fast running out of stock given that these are in high demand with also production factories going on break. China the biggest supplier has banned exportation of such items too.

Dubai puts halt to the exportation of Masks

Dubai Suspends the Exportation of Medical Items Like Masks - Newslibre
Dubai is now following in the footsteps of China in banning the exportation of masks and gloves. (Image Credit: MarketWatch)

Dubai is already on course to cancel some concerts and highly public engagements with the coronavirus spread on a high.

Already the country has postponed it’s annual government games as a way of slowing down the epidemic that is claiming many lives around the world.

In the middle East, cases have been reported of the Coronavirus and so different countries are taking measures to ensure that they are in a position to fight the disease.

News from Around the World

According to CNN, the death toll globally is over 3000 and with over 88,000 cases globally too.

With some countries not giving out full details of what cases they have in their nations, there is a worry that we might have more cases than we are made to believe.

A second patient has died in the United States of America in the state of Washington DC after the first cases were reported in New York and Florida.

Japan has canceled the Fashion week that was to happen in the country as the spread of the virus continues to worry governments.

“As apprehensions due to the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak rise daily, our primary and utmost concern always being the safety/security of all parties involved,” said the statement. “After heavy discussions with related parties, we have come to the painful decision of there being no other choice than to give up RakutenFWT 2020 A/W.”

The small European country of Andorra has reported it’s the first case of the Coronavirus a 20-year-old male. Andorra is situated between France and Spain.

Italy is at the heart of the European outbreak and has recorded 1,694 cases, including 34 deaths. In the past two weeks, more than a dozen European countries have reported their first cases of the virus.

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