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What Equipment Should You Buy for Strength Training?

Strength training doesn’t interest people who want to be healthier. Surveys show only 30% of American adults engage in muscle-toning activities. Others pass on this exercise because they don’t know what equipment is needed. To help, here’s a guide on what you should buy for strength training.

Dumbbells Are A Staple

The dumbbell is a staple of home-based weight rooms. They’re also the right equipment to start your training. They come in sizes ranging from one to one hundred pounds and are known to help with initial moves to increase strength.

The advantage of dumbbells is they’re friendlier to your elbow and shoulder joints because your hands don’t stay in a fixed position during strength training. In turn, your body moves naturally to prevent strain.

Barbells Strengthen The Back And Shoulders

While dumbbells focus on your biceps and triceps, barbells strengthen your back and shoulders. Since you can add more weight, they allow you to advance your strength training. Weighted plates are available in various sizes to slide onto each side of the metal barbell.

There’s an additional advantage to this piece of equipment. The bar itself weighs up to 45 pounds. If you’re not ready to add heavy plates, utilize the bar alone to perform various exercises.

Body Bars Are Barbell Alternatives

Those who don’t like a barbell’s fixed position should consider body bars as an alternative. These are iron bars covered in foam rubber. Not only are they lighter, but body bars also allow users to perform barbell exercises with a comfortable weight. Plus, they offer the flexibility of dumbbells to ease joint pressure.

Kettlebells Work With Gravity

Kettlebells are a variation of the dumbbell design. Instead of two weighted sides, it contains a cannonball-like weight. It features a single loop handle held with either one or both hands.

Many kettlebell exercises have you swing the equipment. Gravity takes hold to help you complete your reps and increase your stability. As a result, kettlebells might be difficult for some strength trainers. It’s best to take a beginner kettlebell program to get used to the various programs.

Resistance Bands Do More Than Some Weights

What Equipment Should You Buy for Strength Training? - Newslibre
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Although resistance bands seem simple enough to use, they turn out to be better at strength training than some weights. Further, they provide a low-impact method of exercise that’s friendly to your joints. It does this by forcing your body to remain stable while performing exercises.

Like free weights, resistance bands come in different styles. A band’s length determines the resistance level. Longer ones provide a lower level of friction. Conversely, shorter bands create greater resistance.

A point often overlooked with resistance bands is the user’s ability to perform exercises they can’t easily do with dumbbells. Overhead presses, squats, and lateral band walks are easier to get used to and provide an incentive for users to continue regular strength training.

How Much Does The Strength Training Equipment Cost

The cost of strength training equipment depends on weight and manufacturer. For example,low-weight dumbbells range between $10-$20. Higher numbers could cost close to one hundred dollars.

There are ways to reduce the cost of strength training items. They are found through online sites for sale by the owner. You also find strength training equipment at yard sales and thrift stores. Make sure you examine the items for any damage before you buy anything.

How To Start

Strength training is a marathon instead of a sprint. You don’t obtain powerful muscles if you start with 100-pound dumbbells. On the contrary, you end up with torn ligaments and other conditions that put your training on hold.

Consider what muscles you want to strengthen before you engage in strength training. For instance, you might want to focus on your back to minimize the amount of constant strain. Once you make a decision, find the right equipment. If you have experience with joint pain, consider resistance bands instead of free weights.

Strength training isn’t something you begin without guidance. Review websites or books that list the best exercises for different experience levels. Beginners should start slow and give their muscles time to rest between each workout.

Eat right and drink plenty of water during your strength training. These steps help maintain your muscles and flexibility as you continue your journey.


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