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Top 5 Real Facts About Professional Athletes You Never Knew

Probably when you watch a TV and see all these professional athletes you might be quite convinced that they have finally made it. They have a high salary and work for a few months during the year.

However, you are mistaken and there is a number of things that you simply do not see and which are not seen by cameras. It is not that easy as it looks. We have created a list of harsh realities about being a professional athlete.

1. Injuries are guaranteed

If you a professional athlete get ready to be injured. There is no single athlete on the planet who has never been injured. Back, neck, shoulder and knee pain is the common thing for professionals.

Apart from that if you are involved in a contact sport like football, boxing and hockey the risk of getting more serious injuries is even higher. The evidence of that is the enormous medical personnel that football clubs have. They invite top sports injuries doctors who can deal with all possible problems a professional athlete might experience during his performance.

Some sports injuries even include bones fractures, which require a long recovery process, lasting for around a year. It does not seem that easy anymore, right? And we have just started.

2. Regular use of painkillers

During the season, which normally lasts for 10 months, pro athletes are packed with games. They normally have at least two games per week. The combination of such intense work, multiple injuries, and a number of travels does not allow the body to recover properly.

A recent study showed that 52 percent of retired football players used to make use of painkillers during their careers. They state that even with such developed infrastructure as they had within a team it was impossible to keep up without this medication.

3. One accident can ruin your career

As was mentioned before, injuries are part of the game for athletes and they are guaranteed. Did you know that professional athletes are forbidden to enjoy recreational activities such as skiing, motorcycling or even skydiving?

This is because of the fact that all these activities involve a high degree of risk. Therefore, even if he/she does not get hurt during these activities, a huge fine will definitely be issued.

Apart from that, really terrible accidents can happen on the field where athletes brake their bones and have to stay out of the sport for several months or even more than a year. Even with such professional sports injury doctors and all the modern technologies, a person might not be able to get as fit as he/she was before or might not be able to show the same performance anymore.

There were several similar cases in the past and such horrible accidents could lead to the end of a career and millions in lost earnings.

Professional athletes face a lot of risk from injuries to terrible accidents and are supposed to stay in form

Top 5 Real Facts About Professional Athletes You Never Knew - Newslibre
There are number of things that you simply don’t know about professional athletes. (Photo by Oliver Sjöström/Pexels) – Newslibre

4. Average career lasts for five to eight years

When you look at all the pro players and see their salaries your mind can be blown away. But do not forget that for the majority of pro athletes the average career duration is about five to eight years. Only a few players can be on top for 10 years and more.

For instance, you have Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi in football who have been already on top for more than 9 years and they will continue to be the best for another two or three years.

However, it does not work for everyone. Some players might be in high demand for one or two years and then no one will really want them. Therefore, unless you are Cristiano Ronaldo, the majority of them are not going to make such amounts for the rest of their life.

5. Working 24/7

When you watch a football match, for instance, you already see these players being fit and ready to give their best. Although, you do not see how much effort they put in everyday. Apart from everyday training, they have to work with sports injuries doctors in order to make sure that their body is in good condition and functions properly.

They are not allowed to eat whatever they want, as you are. They are on strict diet almost across the whole year. As was mentioned previously, they are not allowed to enjoy regular recreational activities as you are, because it will put them under risk.

In addition to that, professional athletes have only two-three weeks of vacation during the year. Even if the season ends, players will have to start pre-season preparation and get ready for the new season.

Strict diet, training, gym, regular diagnostic by sports injuries doctors and discipline are all the things that are not seen by people.


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