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3 Netflix Hacks to Get You Through the Coronavirus Quarantine

No more movie nights with friends, at least not just yet. Coronavirus has subjected all of us to social distancing which has become the new order; to at least help stop the spread. Being social animals by nature; observing social distance is not that easy.

Despite the measures put in place to keep people apart, streaming services have still gotten some traction during the lockdown. Hulu added the most content during the pandemic although they had the smallest increase of usage compared to other streaming services during the quarantine. Prime Video’s catalogue even shrank dramatically despite a +266% increase of usage at its peak.

Even though the pandemic has affected the entertainment industry in several ways, streaming services continue to profit from it with Netflix having the most significant increase, followed by Disney+ with +290% on JustWatch.

Streaming charts in April

3 Netflix Hacks to Get You Through the Coronavirus Quarantine - Newslibre
Source: JustWatch.com

Thankfully, there are movie streaming services like Netflix which help us while the long days away. While sharing movie-times has been temporarily brought to a stop, other amazing Netflix hacks can help elevate your streaming to the next level during these ‘stay-at-home’ times.

3 Netflix hacks to try out while social distancing

1. Hold a ‘Netflix party’

Google chrome has introduced a free extension that allows you and your buddies to catch on the latest releases together while still obeying the isolation and social distancing orders. And hey, there are no complicated ways around this extension.

The extension creates a way to watch Netflix content with anyone even if they are in a different city, state, or even country!

You only download the extension, select the Netflix program of choice, click on the ‘Netflix party icon’. A link will be generated, share this with your friends to enable them to join in on the watch party. With this extension, you will be able to enjoy movie moments with your friends while enjoying real-time online interactions like chatting and texting.

2. Unblock more content with a VPN

Netflix only allows access to content that is ‘legal’ in a country or state. Fortunately, you can download a VPN for more access. For instance, if you want to access content that is available in the US but restricted in your country, then you only need to choose a VPN server in the US and that’s it. You automatically unlock all content including local programs available in the states.

3. Use gift cards to save money

Truth be told; there is not much to spend lately. Why not make take advantage of Netflix gift cards to cut down on your Netflix spending!

Explore gift services that allow you to buy gift cards even if you gift yourself for another service that you will use. That 10% discount could end up saving you some money on your monthly bills. Since you will be spending a lot of time on Netflix, it might help to save a few extra coins while on it.

So, there you have it, try these hacks to improve your Netflix experience.


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3 Netflix Hacks to Get You Through the Coronavirus Quarantine 1

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