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Jidenna Shows Kampala Party Goers the Real Igbo In Him

Jidenna Theodore Mobisson, better known mononymously as Jidenna, is an American rapper, singer, songwriter and record producer from Imo State, Nigeria.

When Jidenna was announced as the artist that was going to grace the last Blankets and Wine event in Kampala, it was like Jesus was going to make a return with some even imagining themselves getting pregnant.

So many videos had surfaced on the internet of Jidenna giving the girls allover the world the best rubs they had ever received in the world. The FOMO was mad in Kampala too with many girls preparing for the same treat with some looking for ways to get on to the stage to receive their anointing.

But if there is anything we have learnt about Nigeria’s Igbo men is that they are the biggest scammers in the world as it was evidenced yesterday when all Jidenna did was reward Kampalans with just a few songs of all his 30+ songs. With some claiming he only did 3 songs before preaching.

But here was the kicker, after struggling and entering the venue in air like thugs being dragged through downtown by Uganda Police, revelers were shocked to find Jidenna performing his last song of the few and only teaching them about the different types of men. His dad told him that there are 3 types of men while the mom said there are 7. Revelers are still looking for the importance of that message.

But as revelers were struggling to get their time to see Jidenna perform his classic man, Ugandans were treated to some madness as many had to fight there way through to the grounds. While others were fighting to get in, others were fighting to pick pockets.

What went wrong as Jidenna performed at Blankets and Wine?

Jidenna Shows Kampala Party Goers the Real Igbo In Him - Newslibre
The American rapper Jidenna did’t leave up to the billing.

Some had gone with the hope of seeing Jidenna undress while others were waiting for him to hand pick them for serious rubs but oh well. Another decade we guess.

We definitely need to talk about how people looked like farmers;

Because of the rain, many looked like they had gone to dig rather than to eat party. People had mad allover their bodies with some reporting that they woke up not knowing how they slept with mud on their feet.

A renown social media enthusiast posted shoes that looked like they had been used for fishing in the last 6 years before wearing them to the biggest event in town.

While others were holding onto their shoes, others only realized they were looking like ghetto youth when they saw their wigs flying in air and make up evaporating.

Small bodied men were being used as the shield to get in to an already jam parked arena that looked like a pig style. I mean, if you looked at the people inside, you would agree with me.

So much was wrong yesterday at the event with people being stepped on and others getting slapped while some were made to drink pee thinking it was alcohol. Generally, it was a clown movie at blankets and wine yesterday.

Today, revelers woke up to make noise on social media about how they were treated like crap with some threatening to boycott the next event. But if there is something that we have learnt over the years when it comes to Ugandans, after a week, they will have moved on. After all, their motto is “Regardless We Move” so expect Ugandans in January to be asking for the date of the next Blankets and Wine.

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