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Popular Video Game Horizon Zero Dawn Series Headed to Netflix

Sony announced yesterday that its popular video game franchise Horizon Zero Dawn will be getting a series and it is currently in development for the streaming service Netflix.

The PlayStation franchise, which has sold over 20 million copies, made it one of the best-selling PlayStation 4 games. According to a report from Japanese tech and software analyst David Gibson, Sony is reportedly working on a Horizon Zero Dawn series with Netflix.

PlayStation CEO and President Jim Ryan confirmed during a Sony Business Briefing that the company was collaborating with Netflix to bring the beloved sci-fi franchise to the small screen. However, details on when the show will be released and what the project entails are still very scarce. It is also not confirmed whether the Horizon Zero Dawn series will be animated or live-action.

On top of that, Sony also confirmed it is currently developing another set of series or movies on the various streaming platforms and networks which include the likes of God of War, likely coming to AmazonPrime, as well as a Gran Turismo series that’s in development.

Based on Sony’s presentation, the company is seemingly planning on adapting more of its most popular franchises. Following the success of the Uncharted movie starring Tom Holland and Mark Whalberg, Sony is looking to “monetize our most beloved franchises beyond the gaming category.” Both movies and TV series are mentioned as potential avenues to further pursue.

It doesn’t end there, Sony previously announced that a Ghost of Tsushima movie was in the works and that it will be written by Chad Stehelski. There’s also a Twisted Metal series in development, with a cast that includes Anthony Mackie, Neve Campbell, and Stephanie Beatriz, though the series does not have a release date yet.

So, it is no surprise that Sony has decided to do a show out of the Horizon Zero Dawn franchise, given the growing amount of investment in the entertainment sector and the potential to make money with the streaming industry blossoming. The same can be said for its HBO adaptation of The Last of Us, which will star Pedro Pascal (The Mandalorian) and Bella Ramsey (Game of Thrones), and is being created by Craig Mazin.

Horizon Zero Dawn Series Headed to Netflix

Originally released as a PlayStation 4 exclusive in 2017 before eventually launching on PC in 2020, Horizon Zero Dawn is a post-apocalyptic sci-fi game set in a far-future, post-apocalyptic Earth overrun by gigantic robotic animals.

In an order to survive, humans have cut themselves off from technology, living in fear of the beasts. The story follows Aloy (voiced by Ashley Burch) who embarks on a journey to find her mother and discover what unleashed the robots upon the world. The game allows the player to use ranged weapons, a spear, and stealth to combat mechanical creatures and other enemy forces while exploring the open world to discover locations and take on side quests.

Horizon Zero Dawn is Guerrilla Games’ first intellectual property since Killzone in 2004 and its first role-playing game. Development began in 2011 after the completion of Killzone 3, with director Mathijs de Jonge considering it the riskiest idea pitched at the time.

The game earned almost universal praise upon its release, with critics and players highlighting its expansive environments, detailed lore and compelling writing. A commercial success, it spawned a 2022 sequel, Horizon Forbidden West.

The Horizon Zero Dawn series does not yet have a release date.

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Popular Video Game Horizon Zero Dawn Series Headed to Netflix 1

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