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5 Ways Charities Can Grow Their Twitter Followings

You could use Twitter’s special features and a few nifty strategies of your own to help you grow your following on the platform. Non-profit charity organizations can be on equal footing with commercial brands when it comes to implementing their brand awareness and marketing campaigns—thanks to social media.

Specifically, Twitter has seen the need and opportunity for charities to grow their social contacts, which is crucial now more than ever since it’s the season of giving and sharing, after all.

If your charity organization is on Twitter, you should know that it’s a great vehicle to mobilize your followers to promote your cause, introduce referrals to your network, and expand your number of donors, volunteers, and event attendees.

As with any social marketing tool, you could use Twitter’s special features and a few nifty strategies of your own to help you grow your following on the platform.

5 Ways You Can Use Twitter to Grow Charities

1. Tweet socially relevant content.

Socially relevant content is any information that’s relevant to your cause. If you’re an organization that’s dedicated to cancer research, for example, you could use statistical data to educate people about cancer rates globally and encourage them to get more involved in activities related to cancer prevention. You could even include visuals that are done in good taste to add life to your tweet and make it stand out.

By tweeting meaningful content instead of pushing purely organizational news or donation needs, you’re more likely to engage more Twitter users and turn them into willing participants for your charity work.

2. Use promoted videos and lead generation cards in your ads.

If you have to post an ad for your fundraising efforts, you could utilize vines or short looping videos to share your message and inspire users to support your advocacy.

Videos are a powerful tool if you wish to appeal to people’s emotions and show them how your charity is making a difference in someone’s life. Lead generation cards are also ideal for promotional content and can be leveraged in expanding your list of email subscribers.

3. Make your tweets retweetable.

On the technical aspect, tweets that are written in complete sentences and contain no abbreviations are very readable and are usually retweeted.

5 Ways Charities Can Grow Their Twitter Followings - Newslibre
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You should also format your tweets such that there is a period or colon at the end to separate them from the link that you want readers to click through. You’d want to link to reputable sites that offer facts and figures, blog posts, or other content that’s related to your cause and help you talk about your organization’s challenges or contributions in the field you represent.

Also, when it comes to retweets, you have to accept that the most retweetable tweets are those that might not necessarily come from your charity. As an NGO, people expect you not to be self-absorbed but to be socially inclusive instead.

Make it a habit to retweet whenever you come across a tweet from a fellow nonprofit that’s worth sharing. You could spread anywhere from two to eight retweets daily.

4. Include hashtags in your tweet appropriately.

Hashtags, when used properly, can help you accomplish many things such as identifying your content and initiating conversations with people who have the same sentiments or interests within or outside of your community, which can help new followers find out about your charity.

Keep in mind to not overuse those hashtags and limit them to no more than three per tweet. You could place them within the tweet itself or at the beginning or end of your tweet. Tweet with and without hashtags and test which tweet is getting more retweets or follow-throughs.

5. Connect with influencers.

Contrary to what you might think, reaching out to people influencers on Twitter has great value, as they make it easier for you to widen your reach and generate interest in your cause among users of the platform.

Whether it’s a famous celebrity or a company that’s acting as your brand ambassador, your message can reach a vast number of followers who can only be too happy to join you in a worthy cause.

To connect with influencers, look at what celebrities or entities are tweeting, particularly what advocacies they care about. Once you have identified prospective influencers for your organization, talk to them and help them understand how your charity aims to help improve lives.

When they have deep knowledge of your advocacy, they will also develop a more personal connection with it and commit themselves each time you need to promote your campaigns.

With social media at the helm of changing how people interact with one another, Twitter takes the lead in finding and connecting people and getting them to support charities so that they can help the less fortunate ones in their community.

As long as nonprofits know how to maximize their Twitter strategy, they can easily raise everything they need for their charity to succeed—from awareness, funds, and supporters.


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