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Popular Events You Can Put On to Raise Money

Getting together funds to donate to charity can be challenging, especially if you’ve never done it before. You can host all sorts of fundraising events, but they’ll likely require significant time and attention. When just getting started, it’s good to focus on something that’s practical and meaningful. Here are a few popular events you can put on to raise money.

Charity Auction

One simple thing you can do to raise money for charity is to have an auction. In an auction, buyers compete to bid for the lowest price on items. Auctioning allows you to gather valuables from different sources and sell them quickly for a decent price. Auctions can also be a lot of fun.

Prices can skyrocket when multiple bidders compete over a single desired item. This helps attract an audience, which can increase bidding and heighten suspense. You can have auctions in-person or online, making them a good choice for people from all walks of life.

Food Festival

If you want to do something more social, you can put on a food festival. Getting the community together to sell baked goods, dinners, and other products can be highly lucrative. You can centre the event on certain ingredients or create a theme around a specific region or type of cuisine.

Food festivals take a bit more work to be successful. You’ll need to ensure you have a location, permits, and all the necessary facilities. Don’t underestimate the benefits of renting restroom trailers for food festivals. You should also get local restaurants involved to help advertise the event to the public and gather funds.


Marathons are a great way to raise money while promoting personal wellness. Long-distance races will attract people from all over. They’re relatively cheap to put on and can be done on local streets, trails, or any other open area. You just need some people interested in participating.

You’ll first need to communicate the underlying cause the marathon is meant to promote. Then, you’ll have to choose a date, fill out the required paperwork, and open registration. Getting the message out is the most important thing. You can create a website or put up flyers around town.

Ensure Your Event Goes Off Without a Hitch

A successful event can bring in money and improve awareness for issues you’re concerned about. However, being realistic is essential. While there are many popular events you can put on to raise money, it’s good to focus on those that are relatively simple to execute.


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