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5 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Be Better Communicators?

Communication is the foundation of human interaction. But to ensure better connection, learning to communicate effectively is integral to help not just adults but also kids to sail through life seamlessly.

Effective communication is a life skill. Training your kids to harness their communication skills from an early age will allow them to grow in many life-changing ways. Kids who can clearly convey or express their feelings, thoughts, ideas in one-on-one and classroom settings are more likely to excel at school than students who do not communicate effectively. With strong communication skills, kids can also build healthy relationships with others.

Unfortunately, a lack of good communication skills could limit kids socially for a lifetime. Therefore, it’s critical that parents and even educators are intentional in encouraging kids to communicate more effectively. But how though?

The languages of communication

Understanding the basics of communication is crucial to identifying the right approach in helping harness kids’ communication skills. Let’s dig deep and find out the types of communication.

  • Verbal – refers to the usage of language through speaking to convey information
  • Non-Verbal – means using body language, gestures, and other facial expressions intentionally or unintentionally to communicate.
  • Visual – refers to the act of using photos, drawings, art, sketches, graphs, among others to convey information.
  • Written – means writing, typing, and/or printing symbols like numbers and letters to speak to another person.

These communication types involve several other language skills like listening, observing, speaking, and empathizing that must be continuously developed. Especially at the earliest possible age, it’s crucial to have a good grasp of these four.

Communicating to connect

Here’s a list of tips you can consider to motivate children to communicate effectively and learn how to connect better with themselves and others.

1. Encourage regular conversations

As kids grow, they gradually learn how to socialize through practice and observing their surroundings. But parents are also at the forefront of helping children weave words from ABCs and express themselves better.

Prompt casual and fun conversations. These can happen during a car ride, before sleep, while preparing meals together, and when you want to. Engage with your kids by answering their questions and keeping them involved, especially if they’re enthusiastic about it.

You can also introduce new concepts and words, speak phrases your kids can use to start conversations and tackle relevant things that happen around them. Try encouraging your children to share in detail how their day went. Ask, “What do you like the most about your day at school?” This way, you also help sharpen your kids’ recalling and sequencing abilities.

2. Read together

Reading aids in vocabulary expansion, cognitive ability enhancement, and clearer self-expression. Per researchers, reading regularly also helps develop emotional intelligence. This means that kids become more empathetic towards others.

Reading together will surely engage children and make them love the learning process more! You can read books together and challenge them to try reading them aloud in a clear manner. Take note that rather than rushing speech, it’s good to train children to have correct grammar. For better processing and improvement of reading comprehension, pull up questions like “what have you learned from what you’ve read?”

3. Refrain from interrupting

5 Ways To Motivate Your Kids To Be Better Communicators? - Newslibre
Photo by Yan Krukov/Pexels

Help kids to listen more rather than interrupt. While others are talking, ensure that kids know they shouldn’t intervene but wait for their turn. Teach kids not to jump into a conversation quickly but instead, practice active listening. Kids look up to their parents and teachers, so start modelling it to them as well.

The principles of self-control and respect also come in here. While these two take constant practice to be true, it’s good to always remind kids to converse politely and wait for their turn. Let these practices become their habit.

4. Ask kids’ opinion

Communication requires kids to reflect on their thoughts and feelings, so it’s important to let your child process and express these. Challenge your kids to weigh their daily decisions. You can do this by simply asking this or that questions.

You can also ask their opinion about timely topics that prompt “I think” or “I feel” statements. This way, you help them grasp the art of effective expression while proactively thinking about solutions and next steps.

5. Explore online courses

Prop up your child’s learning process by considering online courses for kids. There are plenty of relevant courses in the form of engaging modules and videos that can help kids improve their communication skills, boost their vocabulary confidence, and help them to learn to lead effectively.

What’s good about online courses is that they complement kids’ academics. They can be done at their own pace, can be personalized or curated according to their needs, and can be done at one’s convenience. Try checking out comprehensive communication courses for your kids.

Effective communication is a key life skill

Effective communication is an essential skill in today’s world. It can allow them to express themselves effectively and connect with others better. It also gears them up for their respective career paths, no matter what they are.

What’s good to know is that communication skills can be improved with constant practice. For kids to effectively do this, it is crucial that proper guidance and support from parents and teachers are in place. To guide children better, you can also consider the tips above.


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