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Emotional Instability: A Real Killer In This Era

There is a creeping sense of emotions going out of control in society among young people. Everyday news comes to us rife with reports of the disintegration of civility and safety, an onslaught of mean spirited impulse running amok.

These outbursts of emotional ineptitude, desperation, and recklessness are spreading malice. They’re also prevalent and growing today, and their number has revealed a quantum jump in depression and the surging tide of aggression.

All emotions in essence are the impulses to act, the instant plans for handling life that evolution has instilled in us. The very root of the word emotion is motere, a Latin word which means ‘to move’, plus the prefix ‘e’ to connote ‘move away’ suggesting that a tendency to act exists in every emotion.

In this way, emotions are the primary source of human energy, aspiration and drive, activating our innermost feelings and purpose in life, and transforming them to the things we think, to the values we live by.

Recent studies show that a transition from school to the employment world among young professionals represents a very profound change and a potential source of stress, as it often requires young people to make significant professional decisions.

It’s a period often met with worry, as there are growing societal pressures invoking a sense of panic among the youth to find a job,  to prove their worth before the employer’s eyes and also show the rest of the world how much they have achieved.

This has raised concerns and fears about an increasing number of decrepit, impaired as the society today has made life seem like a competition among young people which makes them want to accumulate a lot in a short period of time so as to earn respect and show others how rich they are, hence emotional instability in the event that things don’t work out the way they expect them to.

Emotional instability has proved to be a serious concern in the youth of today

Emotional instability or immaturity points to an individual’s failure to develop the degree of independence or self-reliance that is seen in a normal adult, with consequent use of immature patterns and inability to maintain equilibrium under stress, unlike most individuals who do not have these negative traits.

Emotionally disturbed or unstable individuals represent a lack of capacity to dispose of problems and irritability, needing constant help to accomplish day-to-day tasks. They also show vulnerability and stubbornness, looking at the same time for sympathy. They are conceited, quarrelsome, infantile, self-centred and demanding sort of persons.

Emotional Instability: A Real Killer In This Era - Newslibre
Emotional instability refers to a level of unpredictability in a person’s emotions, says Dr Ashley Hampton. (Photo by Andrew Neel/Pexels)

According to Dr Ashley Hampton, a psychologist told Bustle magazine in 2018 that typically emotional instability refers to a level of unpredictability in a person’s emotions. She explained, “For example, an event happens, and one would expect a certain reaction but receives a completely different reaction.”

In the light of the significance of emotional stability in this age of industrialization, competition, stress, and tension: and keeping in mind the pressures society has thrown at young people, organizations today should put in place systems and processes aimed at helping young professionals find at point of emotional equilibrium.

The call is to encourage employers to hire counsellors that will help their employees achieve emotional stability and enable them to achieve their work set targets. There is no human that can be able to deliver when caught in depression and stress.

Business owners and governments being the biggest employers need to create two resources that can help identify the different stages in employee engagement/development, supporting roles at each stage: Understanding the real causes of emotional instability at workplaces.

The first stage should be aimed at employee development from participation to voice, leadership, and engagement. The second to identify the stage of emotional instability and ways to help employees overcome issues by creating interaction centres.

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Author: Robin Mugerwa

As a founder of Pearl Generation Uganda, (PG-UG) Innocent, has a profound interest in youth mentorship and leadership. He devotes himself to helping young people around the world achieve their dreams. He has also worked with many different organizations such as the Community Resource Development Initiative, Del Youth Group, Reference Health Service Uganda and Rincol Tech.


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