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How to Become a Pro at Completing Business Projects Efficiently

No matter how organized you try to be, there are projects that just never seem to get completed. Sometimes they get stuck in design; others end up lost in marketing and there may be a few on your desk as well. To break the sticky cycle of projects that never take off, consider the tips below.

1. Consider Using Freelancers

If you’re trying something new for your organization and can’t seem to get it rolling, consider handing off a chunk of it to a freelancer. While you may not want to bring a freelancer too far into your design process, there are benefits to working with someone who can complete part of a project on their own.

Freelancers generally

  • don’t get paid until they turn the project in
  • can bring skills to the table that your employees may not have
  • offer a structure that you can use to split out projects to your team

What you get from a freelancer may take a lot of tweaking or get pulled completely apart and rebuilt. However, if your team is struggling to fire up their engines on a project, getting a facsimile of the project can get those creative juices flowing.

2. Farm Out Detail Work

Be ready to turn over projects to professionals who have different machinery and tools than you do. If you’re fairly happy with a design but know that, in the interest of speed, you’ve let a few flaws slip, take your first mock-up to another professional who can create a perfect version.

From vacuum plastic forming to CNC Machining services, these options will help to get your business projects finished with ease. There’s nothing wrong with creating a rough mock-up that can serve as a starting point.

Often, those who work with metal need to reverse engineer items, especially if they’re known for repairs and rebuilds. Cut, shape and form what you can to develop a decent replica of what you need before you invest in the materials necessary for mass production.

3. Plan Ahead

Recent manufacturing trends push for “just in time” parts and raw material stocking practices. However, recent economic trends and supply chain issues remind us that these practices may no longer be appropriate.

It’s time to look down the line, particularly when it comes to raw materials, and find a spot to stock up on the necessities. This is also a great time to start looking for bargains. If you work with metal and need a healthy stock of degreasing soaps, create room to store these products.

Consider swapping pre-packaged products with concentrated items. Take a look at nearby big box stores; you may be able to switch from an industrial supplier to a big box store for some products and increase your purchasing options. Keep an eye out for store cards, custom credit cards to allow you to get cash back and loyalty points you can swap for gift cards. If the price is similar, these bonuses mean you can make a little money on these purchases.

4. Increase Your Storage Options

Consider adding a storage shed or appropriating rafter shelving for flat storage. These spaces will provide you with simple storage for raw goods. Consider putting down a piece of plywood decking on a stretch of rafter space to provide a shelf and make a map of what you have stored up there to keep these products front of mind.

If moisture or pests are even a remote concern, a plywood deck will give you a spot to stack plastic bins of smaller products, which will protect these items from damage. Another option is to create a storage wall around a doorway.

If you can build shelving from floor to ceiling in an office, you can add decor-appropriate bins and store small items, tools or office supplies in-house to reduce paying more later. Be ready to think outside the box. As long as the container is pleasing, you can stash almost any small product or raw material in this area.


Finally, know when to pass something off. If you really can’t get your part of a product done so it can move, it could be because you really are not inspired to do it. It is possible to boost inspiration by challenging yourself with a timer so you can compete with yourself.


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