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You Probably Wouldn’t Survive a Week Working from Home, Find Out Why

Remote work became the new normal for many over the past year. Whether you were already working from home, or you had to flip your work life around, you probably had to go through some sort of adjustment. With many jobs slowly returning to the office, you might be wondering if working from home is still your best option.

There are several pros and cons to working from home: the lack of commute can be a plus, but having to pay for your new office furniture could be an issue. Regardless of what your work model looks like, there are several pros and cons to working from home. Here are some reasons why you should or shouldn’t consider remote work:


1. Save Commute Money

The average commute to work can range from 5 to 13 miles each way, which leads to many trips to the gas station. Gas money can accumulate over time, and working from home will save on that commute, therefore saving you up to $5,000 a year

2. Spend Less Money on Food

Eating out for lunch is a nice break from the office, but costs quickly add up. Often, you might decide not to pack a lunch the night before and may lose track of how much you are spending on food every week. By working from home, you have extra time and energy to cook a homemade meal to eat while working.

3. Get More Productive

During this past year, many workers reported feeling more productive due to working from home. From spending more time with loved ones to saving energy from the commute, many workers have enjoyed their extra time at home. 


1. Can Be Lonely

Although most of us are used to communicating through the internet, doing that for your job can be more challenging. Face to face interaction is not common while working from home, and it can not only make communication difficult but loneliness was reported to be the biggest struggle of working remotely. 

2. Distractions at Home

Working from the comfort of your home can lead to distractions. Although you may have more peace and quiet, a lot of workers have children, dogs or other things that can pull them out of deep focus when working from home. 

3. Costs to Start

In order to be productive while working remotely, it will require you to have a good set-up. But starting your own home office can be costly, especially if you have to get a desk, chair, computer and extra monitor. 

If you need more information on the pros and cons of working from home or need to decide if you should go back to the office, you can check out Mint’s infographic below: 

The pros and cons of remote work

The Pros and Cons of Remote Work: Should You Work From Home? - Newslibre
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You Probably Wouldn't Survive a Week Working from Home, Find Out Why 1

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