4 Basic Security Measures All Retail Businesses Should Have In Place

4 Basic Security Measures All Retail Businesses Should Have In Place

Operating a retail store can be a rewarding business venture, but in order to be successful, you’ve got to double down on security. Retail establishments are common targets for burglary and fraud. How can you prevent theft and ensure a safe work environment for your employees? Read this handy checklist of basic security measures for retail businesses.

1. Cybersecurity

Many of your customers will make purchases at your retail store using a credit or debit card. Point-of-sale (POS) systems are vulnerable to hackers looking to steal payment information from your system. Maintain your customers’ trust by ensuring that you keep their card info safe.

Update your software regularly and enable data encryption and two-factor authentication. If your employees use a password to access the system, have them change it every three to six months.

2. Video Surveillance

Shoplifting is a common problem in retail stores, especially in areas with small, easily concealable items like jewellery and beauty products. Install cameras in your store, focusing on aisles and sections with smaller items and high-value products.

Drive the point home with signage reminding customers of your surveillance system. Visible cameras and reminders are a powerful deterrent to would-be thieves.

3. Access Control

Limit access to more sensitive areas of your retail store, like the back room and the manager’s office, with electronic keyless entry. An access control card or key fob can be customized to allow employees entry to restricted areas. They have a secure space to step away from problematic customers to organize their next steps.

The flexibility of access control systems also allows you to choose which employees have access to certain areas. For example, the manager’s card or fob can allow them access to rooms that remain locked for sales associates.

4. Electronic Article Surveillance

You’ve probably seen these tags before on designer clothing and big-ticket electronics. When a customer purchases an item with an EAS tag on it, the employee removes the tag so the customer can leave with it. However, if somebody tries to walk out of your store with a tagged item, your sensors will detect it and trigger an alarm. Theft averted!

When you implement security solutions in your retail store and business, target the areas that are most vulnerable to attack. Encrypted computer systems, electronic tags, and restricted-access areas will help prevent problems from arising in your store. Remember these basic security measures for retail businesses to keep your shop protected.


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