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5 Fun and Effective Ways to Advertise Your Business

Creative marketing is a genuine combination of creativity, calculation, and effort. There’s always more work behind the scenes than you see upfront when it comes to successful advertising. First, companies need to truly understand their audience, the competition, and the key metrics for their own services. Once you have a grasp on the data and technical aspects, you can engage with creative and out-of-the-box thinking with confidence.

Be a Brand

Branding is an aspect of business marketing that is woefully underutilized by small and mid-sized companies. This is often the result of the transformation that happens during the early stages of growth when personal and “word of mouth” networking is no longer the primary means of acquiring new customers. Branding isn’t just for big companies, it can help smaller ones take a big step forward in creating a public identity.

Use the Unexpected

Unexpected experiences create a more emotional and memorable impact on customers. Much like a haunted house, surprising people can be a powerful way to grab their attention. Advertising that breaks immersion or portrays something unique or even shocking is other ways companies have used this effect in their advertising.

Put Up Signs

Even in the digital age, there is plenty of room for physical signs. Companies should find professionals who have the technical expertise and creative insight to breathe life into the project, like the team at DeSigns Incorporated. Signs are fast, affordable, and efficient, especially if you are willing to do the footwork to find the best spots to use around town.

Be Personal

People might be less inclined to engage socially with strangers than in years previous, but you can’t take away the human factor. There’s something more personal and impactful about a face-to-face conversation. It also helps when you can offer a free sample or any kind of non-obligating offering.

Partner Up

Find local business partners who serve a client base similar to yours, but without much competition or service overlap. You can cross-promote, hold mutual events, and develop a relationship that benefits both parties. This creates more opportunities for indirect community-building and direct networking for the company. Just make sure to hold events that cater to the customers.

Trial and error is also a part of advertising, so be ready to make sacrifices, changes, and hard decisions. The most important thing is to understand your business’s unique identity and how you want that image to impact your target audience. If you don’t know yourself, you’ll end up sending mixed signals and wasting resources.


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