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7 Smart Ways to Encourage Your Employees to Save and Use Less Energy

You might be startled at how much money your business spends every day on energy. However, this additional cost can be reduced significantly. Here are seven strategies for encouraging employees to save energy.

1. Make Energy Saving Policies

The first step in encouraging staff to save energy is establishing a company’s energy management technologies policy. Examine your energy usage and prices to find areas where you may cut back and save more.

Also, consider the broad issues that employees don’t directly influence, such as HVAC systems and car fleets, and the regular activities and procedures that employees may influence.

2. Get Staff Involved

Engage everyone immediately, listen to new ideas, and encourage workers to consider creative ways to conserve energy. Request an evaluation of the staff’s workstation and procedures. Choose an energy champion; this may increase staff excitement.

While some employees may already use effective energy-saving techniques, it’s important to remind them of the new methods.

3. Provide Training to Your Staff

Your staff needs to be encouraged, but you also need to teach them how to conserve energy. You may achieve this by revealing that even when a mobile phone is not being charged, a charger still consumes energy when plugged in. Thus, saving energy may be done quickly and simply disconnecting the charger while it’s not in use.

4. Inform Them of the Advantages

If someone knows why they should save energy, they are more likely to do so. Inform your team of your motivations for energy conservation. Consider holding casual team meetings and using topics that can connect. Describe the company’s advantages, including financial savings, a minor carbon impact, and healthier working conditions.

You may need to approach the topic from different sides. Some people may value lowering carbon emissions while others may not. The dedication and accomplishments of the firm are made public, which improves the company’s reputation and leads to new business. Motivating people to conserve energy at home might increase work efficiency.

For employees that spend more time in the office, email is a fantastic communication tool. However, keep emails updated and interactive by including valuable information. Moreover, you can use visuals, such as a picture or detailed chart, whenever applicable.

5. Make a Challenge or Rewards Program

Employees are more willing to adopt new changes when there is an incentive. To test who can conserve the most energy, consider organizing a friendly competition across departments or buildings. The energy saved by each team’s best practices may not be immediately measurable, but you may spot-check various locations to find energy best practices.

For each energy-saving practice, you notice, give teams points. You may recognize each month or every three months an energy-saving champion. Simple prizes like a gift card for coffee, a year’s worth of LED lights for their house, or even an extra day off are acceptable.


6. Make an Effective Corporate-wide Campaign

Develop a year-long campaign focusing on better energy usage to take your message to the next level. This might be as straightforward as the program’s slogan and a straightforward poster layout, or it can involve social media assets, standard messaging, multi-team challenges, and more. The most effective strategy to encourage staff to conserve energy is to set clear objectives and convey them often.

7. Adopt a Broad Perspective

Remember that energy savings affect more than simply your bottom line. You may give this money back to the community to have a more significant effect when you encourage staff to practice energy conservation and start lowering your overall energy costs.

Besides being a responsible global citizen, contributing to environmental protection, and lowering your carbon footprint, you may use your savings to help a nearby nonprofit. Be honest about this and express distinctly how much you and your business can save and, as a result, the amount you were able to contribute.

Bottom Line

Take your energy ambitions further by making your best practices and advice public. Share your efforts to save energy costs and promote sustainable energy habits on social media sites. By doing this, you not only leave a positive impression on your clients and consumers but also establish your company as a pioneer in sustainable energy. This will help you recruit top personnel who respect commitments of this nature to the local community and the environment.

Energy conservation among staff is first encouraged at the top. You may clearly define your workers’ energy use objectives by analyzing how your company uses energy and where you can start saving.


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