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Common Issues That Can Cause Shipping Problems

Domestic and international shipping is convenient for many reasons, but it’s not without issues. When it comes to shipping goods, one issue sometimes snowballs into even bigger problems. Expand your problem-solving capabilities by reading these common issues that can cause shipping problems.

Poor Product Handling

A common shipping problem is damaged goods, which can certainly leave customers unhappy, even if they have only waited a couple of days for the package. Of course, product damage may occur before shipping, but poor conditions can be a culprit, too. For example, temperature control is critical in freight shipping; some goods need specific conditions to remain usable. In addition, some products are more fragile than others, so employees handling them should do so with care.

So, how do you prevent this issue from causing further problems in your shipping operation? Ensure your equipment can meet your shipping standards. Don’t forget to ensure that your employees have the training and work ethic they need to keep products out of harm’s way when handling goods. Whether you need to update your equipment, employee practices, or both, do so promptly to see results in your customers’ buying experience.

Overwhelming Shipment Volume

Estimated shipping times vary throughout the year, and one of the reasons for that is the spike in delivery volume. For instance, the holidays are notorious for having this effect on the shipping industry. Overwhelming volume can lead to a bigger problem—late deliveries. Suffice it to say that the holidays are a time when receiving packages in a timely matter is important.

One way to optimize your customer’s shipping experience during such spikes is to work with a third-party logistics company. The company should have the critical thinking and resources necessary to find the best route for your packages at any time of the year. That said, if certain delays are out of your hands due to the huge number of shipments in transit, then make your customers aware as soon as possible.

Mistakes happen, but transparency with your customers can help ease their frustrations, ensuring they’re not left in the dark while the package is somewhere in the delivery pipeline. If you put a notice on your website before the holiday season that notifies customers when they may experience seasonal shipping delays, they can prepare their shopping habits immediately.

Lost Items

An unfortunately common issue that can cause shipping problems is lost items. In transit, a lost item is an issue that can contribute to problems such as customer refunds and complaints. The solution for lost items is to have modern tracking technology in place, which is another area where the aforementioned logistics company will come in handy.

A reliable third-party logistics partner should have tracking methods in place to see where any shipment is at any given moment. That way, if a package is lost, you can track down where in the delivery pipeline it disappeared and make the necessary improvements. Using the tips above, making improvements will be a more efficient and attainable process.


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