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5 Ways How Customer Feedback Can Take Your Brand to New Heights of Success

In this fast-paced business world, staying ahead of the curve is a challenge for marketers. Companies who constantly adopt new technologies, make improvements in their product or service and care about their customers are more successful than those who don’t follow these strategies.

When it comes to introducing a new feature or adding advanced functionality, business owners usually discuss the idea with marketers, developers, designers and support teams. They usually underestimate the power of customer feedback.

Business owners put their best efforts into providing quality services and products to please their customers and fulfil their needs. But the question is how do you know whether your brand is satisfying their needs or not?

If you don’t know what your customers actually think about your products or services, how could you offer an outstanding customer experience? Listening to customer feedback allows businesses to improve their products or services that fit their needs perfectly.

Business owners can leverage customer opinions to offer a great customer experience, retain more users, improve personalization and build a successful brand. Whether you are an eCommerce business, mobile app development company or fashion brand, asking for customer feedback can help you earn more profit.

If you are wondering how, let’s discover how to use customer feedback to improve customer service and develop a better mobile app, product or service.

5 Ways Customer Feedback Is Good for Your Business

1. Offer an Outstanding Customer Experience

In this competitive business world, offering a memorable and seamless customer experience is the key to success. Keep in mind, todays’ customers are over-smart. They don’t buy products just because of the quality, instead, they want a unique, pleasurable user experience.

Marketers can deliver a better customer experience when they know what features their customers like most, what features make it difficult for them to use your mobile app or website. According to a study, 58% of people will never bother to consider a brand for repeat purchase after one bad experience, while 82% of customers look for different brands due to poor service.

Remember, flaws in your mobile app or website can turn customers away and ruin their interest in your brand. As a marketer, it is your responsibility to reach out to customers and ask them how easy or difficult it was to use your product? Gather their opinions from different kinds of surveys and use this information for providing them with the best possible customer experience.

2. Improve Product or Service

According to Forrester’s research, more than 74% of business professionals use customer feedback to generate innovative product or app ideas. Making continuous upgrades can lead your business towards success. No matter if your customers love your brand. You should always know what your customers want from your brand and try hard to improve your products or services.

Listening to your customers is undoubtedly the best way to improve the quality of your products or services. Data that brands collected from their valuable customers can be used to make important tweaks to their products. Adding highly advanced features and functionalities to your mobile app your customers really want will help you acquire more app users who are ready to use your app.

5 Ways How Customer Feedback Can Take Your Brand to New Heights of Success - Newslibre
Listening to your customers is undoubtedly the best way to improve the quality of your products or services (Photo by Moose Photos/Pexels)

In order to develop a product or improve your service that fulfils customers’ needs and solves their pain points, you need to ask your target audience what type of product they want from your brand. You can ask them what features they would like to see in your app.

What improvements can improve product usability, or why they are abandoning the shopping cart. This information helps marketers understand customers’ needs and expectations and come up with a better product that solves their problems.

3. Make Satisfied and Happy Customers

Customer loyalty and satisfaction is the most important factor that plays a key role in generating more revenue. With the help of customer feedback, you can easily find out whether your customers are satisfied with your product or service or not.

Whether you collect data from live chat support, feedback forms, social media monitoring or email surveys, the goal is to find happy and satisfied customers.

Keep in mind that satisfied customers will remain loyal to your brand and become your brand advocates. According to a survey conducted by PWC, 86% of the customers are ready to spend more and 63% never mind sharing more information with a brand if they get an awesome customer experience.

Asking for opinions regularly can help you identify unhappy customers who encountered an issue while using your product. It gives your marketing and sales team an opportunity to win a customer back by solving their issues and offering a perfect solution to their problems.

4. Retain More Customers

According to a survey, approximately 67% of customers churn due to their bad experiences with brands. You can lower the customer churn rate by identifying what makes customers stop doing business with your company. Customer feedback acts as a customer satisfaction measurement tool that can help brands to identify satisfied and unhappy customers.

Once identified, you can take actionable steps to improve customer experience and turn your customers into brand advocates. You can improve your marketing strategy or make product optimization to offer something they really want from your brand.

5. Social Proof

Customer feedback can help you close more leads. When it comes to online shopping, purchasing a SaaS product or taking an online service, people look for customer reviews to check the authenticity of the brand.

Brands that display customers’ reviews and opinions on their website have higher chances of generating more leads and closing more sales. When visitors see that customers are satisfied with your services and are happy to do business with you, it will encourage them to try your product or service.

Wrapping Up

All in all, customer feedback is the most important information for brands that help them build a loyal and happy customer base that is ready to use your products and services. If you want to come up with a great mobile app, performant software or functional website that offers a unique customer experience, start leveraging customer feedback in your business.


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