ECT PWR Button How it works & when to use it –

ECT PWR Button: How it Works and When to Use it

In an article I wrote last week, I had many readers sighting the “ECT PWR” button and wondering what it does. I am guessing this mostly came from the fact that many have seen it in their automatic transmission cars and usually, they just leave it alone.

First of all, for the fact that it is there, it has a use. Ignoring it is okay as it has no direct impact on how your car performs on your daily drives, but when you know how to effectively use it, it is quite an amazing little button.

Contrary to what it may seem like it does, the “ECT PWR” button does not increase your Horsepower or Torque or even top speed. When most people read ‘power’ they imagine mechanical witchcraft that turns your car into a rocket or a supercar. It doesn’t.

“ECT PWR” Button. How it works & when to use it –
You’ll find the “ECT PWR” button in most automatic transmission cars –

How it works:

ECT stands for Electronically Controlled Transmission and the ECT PWR button is where you engage that extra level of transmission automation. As you drive, when you engage the ECT PWR button you allow your vehicle’s transmission to shift at higher revs.

What this means is that your gear change shift points will be adjusted and you can reach higher revs before your transmission shifts into the next gear. The higher the revs, the more power generated. Therefore your vehicle will not gain supernatural powers, it will cleverly shift more efficiently to utilize the power it already has to attain more immediate takeoff at acceleration.

Your car becomes a little faster at takeoff, thus in a way, it can be ignored when one says it makes the car faster.

Your vehicle will be shifting at higher RPM (Revolutions per Minute) than the standard RPM it normally would shift at. Unnoticeably, however, this slightly increases your fuel consumption. The lower your engine RPM, the less fuel it will consume. This increase is very ignorable and you’d probably never notice unless you’re a meticulous driver.

“ECT PWR” Button. How it works & when to use it –
Your vehicle will be shifting at higher RPM (Revolutions per Minute) than the standard RPM –

With the ECT PWR button engaged, the car comes alive and feels more excited and sportier. The efficient balance between holding the revs and shifting gears allows the car to accelerate quickly as it maximizes the engine power produced in the revs held for each gear before it shifts to the next.

When to use it:

  • Overtaking
  • Going up a hill
  • Driving on a highway for a sportier ride
“ECT PWR” Button. How it works & when to use it –
Use “ECT PWR” when overtaking –

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ECT PWR Button: How it Works and When to Use it 1

Author: Ian Paul Byamugisha

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  1. I only turn on the ECT in my 2004 Camry 2.0E when going uphill. Under normal driving conditions, I don’t need to turn it on. When I need to downshift one gear to overtake another vehicle, I just hit the OD OFF button and I get the extra power to do the job neatly…then I turn the OD back to ON again for fuel economy while cruising on.

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