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5 Most Common Materials Found In Auto Manufacturing You Didn’t Know About

The automobile industry requires various materials to construct a vehicle, regardless of its purpose or design. These materials work together to provide consumers with an enjoyable experience while ensuring user safety.

All parts, from interior to exterior, require innovative design concepts and deliberate placement strategies to provide a piece of reliable transportation cohesively. Here are some of the most common materials and their purposes in auto manufacturing.

1. Plastic

Plastic is an incredibly reliable material for the auto industry because it is affordable and easy to use to manufacture parts. There are many components inside the vehicle, from switches, door mats, handles, dials, and vents that use plastic. Because quantities, design concepts, and plastics can range, reaction injection molding is vital to the cost and dependability of parts production.

2. Steel

The majority of a vehicle’s weight comes from steel components. Steel is necessary for auto manufacturing for things like roofs, door beams, and some body parts. These parts made of steel contribute to a vehicle’s safety and must meet specific criteria during testing before reaching consumer markets.

3. Rubber

Rubber is never going out of style for the auto industry as all vehicles house tires. These are one of the most essential aspects of transportation. It’s worth noting that auto manufacturing is the most significant contributor to the rubber industry. The rubber is vital to the tire but also protects the other wheel materials from things like wear and tear and overall roadworthiness.

4. Aluminium

Aluminium in auto manufacturing is a relatively newer development. It is typically found in lighter-weight vehicles like sports vehicles and sometimes the wheels. Body parts made of aluminium help decrease the weight of the car’s moving force, and it is tough to withstand potential accidents while protecting passengers.

Some automakers are looking to use aluminium for various engine components, though the work is just beginning.

5. Glass

Like rubber, glass is another critical material in auto manufacturing. The primary contribution of glass is in the windshield, protecting from airborne debris and objects. Additionally, the side and rearview mirrors have glass in them to enhance the drivers surrounding vision. With technological advancements on the rise, glass is helping pave the way for improved navigation features and backup assist components.

When we break down all the components that form the auto manufacturing industry, the various materials used are vital for many reasons. They benefit the production of vehicles while keeping drivers and passengers safe.


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5 Most Common Materials Found In Auto Manufacturing You Didn't Know About 1

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