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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Car Tires

We’re all familiar with car tires, but how much do you really know about them? Below, we explain a few things about car tires you probably didn’t know, from their colour to their materials!

They’re Naturally White

When you think of tires, you naturally think of black rubber because that’s how they’ve always looked for your entire life. Because of car tires, many assume that black is the natural colour of rubber, but it’s actually white as snow. Car tires are only black because tire manufacturers add carbon black to the rubber to increase the rubber’s endurance and tensile strength. For the first couple of decades of rubber tire use, over a century ago, they were completely white before introducing black carbon additives.

You Can Reuse Spares

Drive for long enough, and you’ll likely experience a flat tire. But many people may not realize their spare or doughnut tire isn’t a single-use item. You can use a spare tire more than once if you don’t drive on it for more than 50 miles or so.

Spare tires have designs that allow you to drive on them for only a short time. However, if you’re only travelling a few miles to the nearest tire shop or mechanic, feel free to throw the spare tire back into the trunk for your next tire replacement emergency.

The Leading Tire Maker Isn’t Who You’d Expect

One thing you probably didn’t know about car tires is who makes the most every year. When you think of the largest tire manufacturers in the world, you’re likely to think about Michelin, Bridgestone, or Goodyear. But the company that makes more tires than any of them is Lego!

Lego may be a toy company, but many of their toys require small rubber tires, and since Lego makes these tires themselves, they’re technically the world’s largest tire manufacturer by volume in the world. On average, Lego makes around 306 million rubber tires annually!

They Can Have Surprising Natural Materials

We all know tires are rubber, but many other materials can make up car tires. For example, engineers recently produced the first-ever car tire from dandelion rubber instead of tree rubber. Whether dandelion rubber tires ever becomes common remains to be seen, but it’s amazing to think of making a tire out of the weeds in your backyard!

Some tires are even made from walnut shells. That’s right—winter tires incorporate walnut shells into their construction since they’re a hard natural substance and help improve grip on slippery roads.


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4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Car Tires 1

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